6" Wheel: Ghosts

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Bossed or magnetic?

Effect wheels have either a bossed or magnetic fitting - please be sure to choose the right type. You may need the Magnetic Wheel Rotator Adaptor to fit a magnetic wheel. Click here for more information.

Please expect longer lead times on bossed wheels showing as 'to order'.

Simple but incredibly effective wheel ideal for Halloween events at nightclubs, discos or your living room and also spooky stage shows.

Use with a 1/2 RPM Wheel Rotator. This great effect can be further enhanced by adding a Mild Distortion Wheel on a 5 RPM Wheel Rotator to your projector (see the video clip to see just how effective this is!) - the ghosts will then shimmer as they glide across your venue.

For maximum effect, use with a Solar Panoramic Rotator fitted to the front of your projector - the ghosts will then appear to 'fly' around the venue fading in and out!

A 6" Wheel Rotator is required to use a 6" Effect Wheel on an OPTI Projector . For a Solar projector (e.g. Solar 250 or Solar/Sensory LED) you’ll need a Solar Wheel Rotator or the Solar Dual Wheel Rotator if you want the flexibility of using both 6" Wheels or 9" MAX Wheels.

For the GoBoShow projector you'll need a GoBoShow Wheel Rotator.

The 1/2RPM rotator speed is recommended for this effect wheel.

Please note: glass '575 Safe' effect wheels for older high powered projectors are no longer available.

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