Magnetic or Bossed 6" Effect Wheels?

All OPTI 6” effect wheels are now available with either the original ‘bossed’ fitting or a new ‘magnetic’ fitting. The magnetic fitting is so much quicker/easier to use.

Here you'll find all you need to know about the differences between these two types of effect wheel.

Bossed wheels

These are the original type which have a have a central ‘boss’ which accepts the spindle of a 6” Wheel Rotator. They’re either fastened with a small screw using a screwdriver or simply ‘push fit’, held in place by tension.

Magnetic wheels

These newer wheels have a magnetic fitting instead of a boss. A magnetic adapter must be fitted to your wheel rotator spindle to accept a magnetic wheel. The adapter is available individually or you can buy a fixed speed or variable speed rotator with the adapter already fitted.

Which is better?

The new magnetic wheels are much quicker and easier to use and no screwdriver is required to fit or remove an effect wheel. We recommend these! But if you already have many bossed wheels you may prefer to keep with the same style of fitting. For permanent installations you may also prefer the bossed type.

Can I use both types?

If you have the magnetic adapter you can use either type of wheel, however you'd need to remove the magnetic adapter from your Wheel Rotator to fit a bossed wheel. The adapter is fastened using a small allen key which is normally included with the adapter but not if your rotator came with the adapter already attached. If you already have several bossed wheels but would also like to use magnetic wheels, you may find owning more than one rotator useful – one for the old style bossed wheels and another with the adapter permanently fitted to accept magnetic wheels.

Is there a difference in price?

Yes, but it’s very small. The magnetic wheels cost just a small amount extra. See effect wheel product pages for pricing of each type.

How much does the adapter cost?

Not much! See here.

What about effect cassettes?

The new magnetic fitting only applies to 6" effect wheels. Effect cassettes are not magnetic - they continue to use the same push fit mechanism and require a specific 50mm Cassette Rotator.