Solar Wheel Rotator 1/2RPM

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Active Gate

Please note: this is a latest generation OPTI Active Gate rotator. It can also be used on older Solar projectors (which have 12V side outlets) using the optional Adapter Cable which is not included.

Want variable speed?

You may prefer the Variable Speed/Direction Wheel Rotator or the Dual Wheel Rotator with variable speed/direction + supports both 6" and 9" MAX effect wheels!

Not suitable for Aura

This item is NOT compatible with the OPTI Aura projector.

This Wheel Rotator fits to an OPTI Solar projector and rotates a 6" effect wheel at a constant speed of 1/2RPM (one revolution every 2 minutes). Note that you'll also need a connecting cable if you have an older Solar projector.

Wheel Rotators now come with a magnetic wheel adaptor fitted as standard. If you're using old style 'bossed' wheels you can simply remove the magnetic adaptor using the included allen key.

For most purposes we recommend choosing the Variable Speed/Direction Rotator instead of this fixed speed rotator.

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