Multi Coloured Cassette No. 13

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Got a Cassette Rotator?

You'll need a Solar 50mm Cassette Rotator to fit this effect to a Solar projector.

Where are 3" Cassettes?

Looking for the the 3" version of this cassette (FG7113)? The old-style 3" Effect Cassettes are now discontinued. Note that the newer 50mm Cassettes use a different Cassette Rotator.

Not suitable for Aura

This item is NOT compatible with the OPTI Aura projector.

Multi-colour effect cassettes use rich and varied screen printed colours to create dramatic animated pattern projections.

Each cassette comprises two layers of glass. The inner layer remains static while the outer is spun. The resulting effect is a constantly changing moire pattern.

A Solar 50mm Cassette Rotator must be used to fit this 50mm Cassette to a Solar projector.

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