Liquid 50mm Cassette

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Got a Cassette Rotator?

You'll need a Solar 50mm Cassette Rotator to fit this effect to a Solar projector.

Where are 3" Cassettes?

Looking for the the 3" version of this cassette (FG7124)? The old-style 3" Effect Cassettes are now discontinued. Note that the newer 50mm Cassettes use a different Cassette Rotator.

Not suitable for Aura

This item is NOT compatible with the OPTI Aura projector.

Liquid/oil projections are the classic lighting effect! As popular today as they were in the 60's and 70's.

The 50mm liquid cassette consists of three layers of glass containing oils of differing colours. With the rotation of the cassette and the heat from the projector, the oils move around to provide an ever changing colourful liquid display. The effect is brilliant.

An FG6391 50mm Cassette Rotator is required to fit a 50mm Liquid Cassette to an OPTI Solar projector.

Note 1: colours in Liquid Cassettes vary - images for illustration only.

Note 2: Liquid Cassettes are suitable for use in halogen and LED versions of the the OPTI Solar 100 and Solar 250 projectors. They cannot be used with the OPTI Aura projector. We do not recommend using them with higher power projectors as they may rupture or at the very least fade quickly.

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