Multi Mirror

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Not yet for Active Gate

Please note: this accessory is not yet compatible with OPTI Active Gate projectors. It will soon be revised to support all Solar projectors but until then it will only work with older non-Active Gate Solar projectors which have 12V power outlets on the side.

Not suitable for Aura

This item is NOT compatible with the OPTI Aura projector.

The OPTI Multi Mirror fits to the front of your projector and is used primarily with the new range of 6" Abstract Wheels to create stunning animated effects with a multi-directional 3-dimentional appearance.

The Multi Mirror can also be used with regular effect wheels/cassettes to create some unusual effects of your own creation. Try the Organic and Beam wheels/cassettes for some brilliant abstract imagery!

Which speed: 2RPM or 5RPM?
A 2RPM and 5RPM models are now available. For entertainment lighting customers we recommend the original 5RPM model. For special needs (sensory environment) customers we recommend the new slower 2RPM model - this is best for relaxation therapy and sensory stimulation.

The Multi Mirror cannot be used with the OPTI K series of projectors. Use effect wheels (sold separately) on a 1/2RPM Wheel Rotator. Standard 85mm or 60mm projector lenses should be used with the Multi Mirror.

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