Liquid Wheel P (Candy Burst)

6" Liquid Wheels
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Lead time on 'to order' items currently approx 10+ working days.

Bossed or magnetic?

Effect wheels have either a bossed or magnetic fitting - please be sure to choose the right type. You may need the Magnetic Wheel Rotator Adaptor to fit a magnetic wheel. Click here for more information.

Please expect longer lead times on bossed wheels showing as 'to order'.

Handle with care!

Liquid wheels are VERY fragile. Please handle, fit and store them with great care. Don't let children handle these glass items.

'Candy Burst' liquid wheel.

OPTI Liquid Wheels are made from 3 layers of glass containing coloured oils. As the wheel rotates, the liquids circulate to create colourful 'lava lamp' style lighting effects. This is the retro lighting effect!

Please expect longer lead-times on 'bossed' wheels showing as 'to order'. Most customers now choose the magnetic type.

Each Liquid Wheel is made by hand in the UK – they're fragile, unique and quirky. It's important to understand what to expect and how to handle/use them...
  • Every wheel is unique
    Even two of the same type and batch will be different. The ratio of colours and the behaviour of liquids in each wheel can vary considerably, as can the tone of colours between batches. The photos/videos shown on this page are for rough guidance only.

  • Let the wheel 'warm-up'
    Let the wheel run for some time and allow the liquids to circulate. Some take longer than others to get going.

  • Adjust the rotator speed
    We strongly recommend a Variable Speed Wheel Rotator with liquid wheels – small changes in rotation speed can make a big difference. Some wheels work well at the slowest setting while others need a little more pace. Without a variable speed rotator you may not get a good effect with some wheels.

  • Imperfections and debris
    Due to the manufacturing processes, some debris (particles or hairy fibres) or other imperfections will appear in the projection, either floating in the liquid or static on the glass. This is to be expected and is more noticeable on lighter coloured wheels.

  • Constantly changing effects
    The projection will change as the wheel spins, for example… periods of dark or plain effect followed by periods of lighter or more colourful or more animated imagery. The effect will also change if the wheel has been running for a long time and also in the longer term as the product ages.

  • Keep the projector horizonal
    The wheel should sit vertically. Projecting at an angle can limit the liquid movement. Use a Deflector Mirror to project up/down at sharp angles.

  • They’re very fragile!
    Please handle with great care and read the guidance leaflet we provide with every order containing a Liquid Wheel.

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